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black magic love spells protection spells control spells wealth spells love spells black magic revenge spells victory spells
protection spells control spells wealth spells love spells black magic revenge spells victory spells

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Readings by Andrea

Hello, as this is a black magic website it is essential that the back up psychic support is compatible with the services offered on this website therefore in conjunction with natural clairvoyance I use the Necronomicon Tarot which connects with the cosmic forces overshadowing the world, and tells you what will happen, not what may happen. The images on the cards work on the subconscious mind, the reading you get will be honest and accurate, these cards advise, and tell you how things are. Angel cards for example, have positive images and messages, such readings can help someone cope during difficult times, but they only give positive readings, whereas the Necronomicon Tarot contain images and messages which are both positive and negative, this allows for a balanced, accurate and honest reading - you will be given accurate advice or predictions and your spell will be programmed accurately and carefully.

I like our clients to ask questions so that I can put them to my cards and get the answers you really want to know, rather than random information. Our services are CONFIDENTIAL, therefore please ask exactly want you want to know, do not hope your question might be answered by chance - ensure it is answered.

Most of our clients ask up to 10 questions with their order (10 questions per spell), usually that is sufficient, but everyone is different, and we are finding some people like more than one reading, or regular readings to help them cope while they wait for results. Usually if you want an answer to a question, and you have no way of otherwise knowing, it is best to order a reading if it will help you while you wait for spell results - why suffer, when your questions can be answered?

Please note readings are serious and shouldn’t be abused, the Tarot cards are psychic tools, that can tune into ANYTHING, but you must TRUST them and not test them. Readings can look at the past, present or future.

Extra readings are available at: £30.00 for up to 10 questions. There is no limit to the amount of readings you can order or how often.

If you are not a client but would like a reading, please note I am not willing to comment on another spell caster's work, or tell you what you want to hear. Nothing is written in stone, anything can be changed, it is therefore best you have an honest and accurate reading, not one telling you what you want to hear, indeed that might prevent you from taking the correct course of action required to solve your situation. Remember psychic abilities are to help, not scare.

How to order your reading: make your payment by PayPal or an alternative method outlined at ORDER

£30.00 - 10 Questions Answered.

After forwarding your payment contact me at Please put 'reading' in the subject slot of your email and send your questions. If you can email photos, please do, I use pychometry, photos do capture energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye, this is why orbs appear in photos. If you don't have photos, a good description of anyone involved will help.

This service can be used by those not using spells.

Turnaround time is usually within 24 hours, but please allow up to 72 hours.

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